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Twitter Map

The Twitter Map web part was written by Brian Farnhill as part of his demo to all of the user groups that participated in the launch event.



This web part will display tweets containing "#AUOfficeLaunch" and display them on a map. By default all tweets will be shown in the centre of Australia unless they also contain a hash tag for one of the following locations:
  • #ADL - Adelaide
  • #AUK - Auckland
  • #BRI - Brisbane
  • #CBR - Canberra
  • #DRW - Darwin
  • #MLB - Melbourne
  • #PTH - Perth
  • #SYD - Sydney

If a tweet contains one of the above hash tags in it, then the map marker will be placed over the corresponding city and the map will center there as well. The web part will loop through the tweets that it finds, adding new tweets as it goes.

You can download the compiled WSP file to install from the releases page as well as the source code.

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